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Services for undergraduate and graduate students of IIT, Shimer, VanderCook, and I-Share colleges and universities.


International Students Library Guide

This is a guide designed for international students. It contains detailed helpful information about how to find books, journal articles, language resources, information for your major and some tips for your research at IIT. This guide is updated frequently, so come back often to see if there are new resource or service information for international students.

Nine Things International Students Should Know

The library systems used in the United States may vary from those of your home country. This PDF guide explains the top 9 differences between Galvin Library and your country’s library, including information about textbooks, research help, how to find a book, eat and talk in the library and other differences.

Multilingual Library Virtual Tour

This is a 4 min video which describes what resources and services are available to you at Galvin Library. You can watch this video in English, Chinese, Hindi, Korean…

Library Services for Students

Most libraries in the United States do not only provide books and spaces, but also various services. Use this page to find information on library services: Borrowing & Circulation, Interlibrary Loan, Reserves, and Research Assistance.

Library Guides in Chinese

Galvin Library provides PDF and online research guides which are written in Mandarin Chinese to answer many common questions about using the library.

Make an appointment

Questions about using the library? You can request an appointment with Yi Han, our International Student Library Services Liaison Librarian. You can talk to her in English or Chinese.

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